Since there are a lot of different TMR mixers on the market, how do you know what brand is right for your farm? Well, a look into how things operate Cloverdale Equipment, and what satisfied customers are saying about this company should make the choice clear.

John Hoover purchased Cloverdale Equipment in 2009. After selling and servicing mixers from other companies, he saw design flaws and inflated costs in many of the mixers he worked on. With input from his customers, he decided to build his own mixer to correct the deficiencies and reduce costs. These improvements are verified with research results that prove Cloverdale TMR mixers do a better job of mixing feed rations than other top brands. The improvements found on his unit were so evident that business quickly began to grow and now hundreds of these mixers can be found in the US and Canada. That's why Cloverdale offers a 5 year/ 5,000 load warranty on all their TMR mixers. This growth has allowed us to expand our product line to include both trailer and stationary mixers, bale carriers and now, belt conveyors and feeders.

The Cloverdale business model continues to set the brand apart from the rest because of our experience in the field with our customers, demoing equipment and continuously making improvements. This "hands-on" approach means the product is always being innovated without out having to go a through corporate chain of command to make the products better. Our customers are largely responsible for the products we create and improve.

TMR Mixer

Cloverdale continues to keep in touch with it's customers. Our philosophy is to make our products easy to maintain, reliable and durable, saving our customers time and money.

And for those who are looking for something in particular, we will custom build mixers to meet your exact needs.

Call Cloverdale Equipment today to line up a demo, find your nearest dealer or ask questions about why Cloverdale is becoming the brand of choice for both small and large dairy and beef cattle operations.