Cloverdale Custom Mixers

Cloverdale Vertical TMR offers a number of custom options. Where other manufacturers offer only cookie cutter designs that they can’t deviate from, our goal is to provide those features that are important to our customers.

  • This includes a number of different paint colors for any of the various mixers.
  • Our standard units are the only mixers that offer a five year or 5,000 load warranty for agriculture applications, but we do offer thicker than standard side wall and auger flighting along with a variety of different steels, including stainless steel.
  • We offer door options on either the front or back of the tub, and any side wall.
  • Stationary dual auger mixers are also available with a center floor drop, and with single or dual motor drives.
  • Hard surfacing is available on the leading edges of the augers for longer life.
  • Factory installed, stainless steel liners are available for any mixer.
  • Recessed planetaries and reverse flighting on augers are available for truck mount mixer tubs.

If you have unique mixer needs, feel free to contact us for a quote.