Cloverdale difference

The sky’s the limit.

Some manufacturers have several of these features, but no one offers all of them.

  1. Sidewalls and floors are made of high strength low alloy steel for longer life.
  2. Screw fliting formed from a specially formulated US made AR200 steel can last twice as long as some screws.
  3. Fliting is continuously welded to the tube for a more durable screw.
  4. Bolt on and adjustable plow wing made of AR 200 steel makes it easy to replace.
  5. One half by two-inch top ring without pre-punched holes, forms a stronger tub for baleage and big round bales.
  6. Indusrtry leading, 5year, 5000 load warranty on the tub, auger,floor and frame.
  7. Walking tandems are available on most models to give customers more choices.
  8. Both side and front conveyors are made of stainless steel. The part of the mixer that is the thinnest and has all the feed go through it. This is where you have the most chance for problems with corrosion or flaking paint. Everyone should make discharges from stainless steel.
  9. Two-year full warranty on planetary and gear box, plus 36 month pro-rated.
  10. Twin screw mixers have stainless steel baffle reinforcement and are the same thickness as the tub walls.
  11. Overlapped auger design promotes front to back mixing action. Our mixer test proves this works very well.
  12. You have access to many options, including thicker sidewalls and stainless screws and sidewalls.